People Who Can Benefit From Irlen Screening

Gifted Students Who:




  • spend longer to complete homework and reading assingments
  • complain of headaches fatigue or strain while reading or in school
  • avoid reading for pleasure
  • do poorly on timed tests
  • are unable to keep up

Average Students Who:



  • could do better if they tried harder
  • have been diagnosed with AD/HD
  • have behavior problems
  • find that their grades don’t reflect effort
  • complain of strain, fatigue headaches

Those With Emotional Problems Like:


  • anxiety
  • behavior disorders
  • depression
  • low self esteem
  • nervous, fidgety, irritable

Those With Learning Problems Like:

  •  dyslexia
  • inefficient reading
  • complaints of strain, fatigue, headache, nausea, etc.

Those With Medical Issues Like:



  •     headaches/migraines
  •     dizziness, stomachaches, nausea
  •     Ad/HD
  •     Autism/Asbergers
  •     Depression, anxiety, OCD
  •     Fatigue, tired, sleepy, drained